Pittsburgh Surgical Outcomes Research Center
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Study Design and Statistics Core (SDSC)

Director:  Heather M. Phelos, MPH

The PittSORCe Study Design and Statistics Core (SDSC) provides guidance in study concept and design, methodological approach, and statstical analyses to all PittSORCe researchers. The Core is designed to facilitate translational, clinical and health services research projects through a secure user platform.

Security and Standard Operating Procedures

All SDSC activities are governed by the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC guidelines for data and server security, server specifications and procedures for data use. These guidelines are available for review here.

How do I get assistance?

Conceptual, design and statistical support are available to all participating PittSORCe investigators pursuant to the terms of standard operating procedures. Investigative teams may obtain information by contacting the SDSC support staff. All investigative teams interested in collaborating with the SDSC are requested to complete a SDSC Request Form. Completed SDSC Request Forms should be submitted to here. The SDSC will contact you within 72 hours of submission to discuss your project.

Virtual Desktop and Secure Server Access

PittSORCe maintains a virtual research desktop, PittCLOUD, that enables continuous access to a comprehensive surgical database library within a secure platform and provides real-time statistical and analytical support. Applications for PittCLOUD may be obtained here and should be submitted to PittSORCe. For additional information on the many opportunities to create your personal PittCLOUD please contact PittSORCe.

I Need Help!

The SDSD provides technical support for PittSORCe faculty and investigators. This includes research and project design, data acquisition and database maintenance, and statistical support. Please contact the SDSC support staff to initiate a request for support.