Pittsburgh Surgical Outcomes Research Center
Transforming the conduct of clinical research

About Us

The Pittsburgh Surgical Outcomes Research Center (PittSORCE) is devoted to transforming the conduct of clinical research within the Department of Surgery. To do this PittSORCE brings together integrative teams comprised of world-class University of Pittsburgh clinical scientists and clinicians, all within an innovative multidisciplinary research infrastructure. As a catalytic hub it facilitates navigating the complex network of superb resources within the University environment, serving as home and platform for clinical investigators dedicated to advancing the care of patients with surgical disease.

PittSORCE is accomplishing its mission by:

  • Creating a highly coordinated, collaborative, and multidisciplinary research infrastructure within the University that provides strong links between clinical, epidemiological, public health, health services, health policy and management and implementation sciences.
  • Facilitating the application of new knowledge that will result in novel diagnostic, therapeutic, and quality improvement strategies for surgical diseases in all age groups and populations through partnerships with the Wolff Center and Innovation Institute.
  • Serving as an educational and training resource for housestaff and young faculty, capitalizing upon the curricula and degree tracks of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), Institute for Clinical Research and Epidemiology (ICRE), and Schools of Public Health to promote the future of the surgical clinical scientist.
  • Providing multidisciplinary guidance, fully utilizing the resources of the Office of Research, in the design and development of proposals that are optimally competitive in the currently austere landscape of funding.
  • Creating a virtual research desktop enabling continuous access to a comprehensive surgical database library and real-time statistical and analytical support from anywhere at anytime.
  • Establishing a set of Cores to assist in the research mission of all Investigators:

What makes us unique is our vision to be comprehensive and integrated in our approach, which spans all clinical entities at one of the world’s most powerful research and educational institutions. We look forward to your participation.